Hello and welcome to my website

Thank you for checking out my website. My name is Matt. Please contact me for commissions, or ordering prints/originals of my work. Enjoy!


A few entries from my continued animal watercolor series.


Recent watercolor landscapes.


Concept art for my comic series about a witch who dreams of becoming a baker.

Entries in my Smash Bros Watercolor series


My painting of Bag End from Lord of the Rings.

Bag End


Photos of my booth set up from various different shows. I do many comic cons, art shows and festivals.



My Star Wars watercolors drips series. The next ones I’ll be working on in this series are Boba Fett, K2-SO, and Ahsoka.

All Star Wars Drips


Completed commission piece.

Exiled Seven Treehouse redbubble


Lord of the Rings portraits done in acrylics.

Frodo for facebookSamwise textPippin for facebookBorimir for facebook


Self published children’s book, The Flaming Lemming.



Fire Emblem: Awakening drawings done in pencil.

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